Our Services

Comprehensive & Integrated, END-TO-END

LEAP Commerce provides a full suite of services for any brand going online. You can trust us to deliver the complete package, or pick-and-choose services according to your needs. We stand ready to customise our offerings to your brand's desires.

Our Services

Full suite of integrated expertise serving your online needs end-to-end

Digital Strategy Consulting

A unique eCommerce strategy, tailor-made just for your brand

At LEAP Commerce, we create the eCommerce strategy that is right for your business. We take a holistic approach, keeping in mind your brand’s online and retail presence, as well as your competitors’. Our experienced teams with in-depth local market knowledge will work with you to define the right channel, assortment, and commercial strategy for your brand.

Onsite Store Merchandising & Content

Bring your brand to life online, staying 100% true to your brands ethos

With our extensive experience working with global brands, we have a repository of best practices across various store formats and channels. We look to constantly optimize product pages, banners, and store- front layouts – validated by data and testing. We assign brand-level creative teams to ensure consistent brand representation over time. We also translate and localise of your brand content effectively.

Performance Marketing & Demand Creation

Cohesive and comprehensive marketing, spanning acquisition, re-targeting, retention & more

We create a comprehensive marketing plan for our brands, looking at both onsite marketing & off-platform performance marketing holistically, and optimise efforts according to the brand objectives. We are experts in managing the core performance marketing channels, while experimenting audaciously with emerging channels. Data is at the core of our marketing efforts – we combine insights from digital marketing and eCommerce platforms to ensure an end-to-end view.

Onsite Engagement & Platform Management

Maximise your brand presence widely across APAC marketplaces & channels

With years of experience working with leading platforms in the region we have built solid relationships with them on a local and regional level. We have also developed commercial frameworks, formulated best-practices to maximize the brands sales, and know how to optimize spend for the best ROI. We partner you and advise on the right pricing, promotion, assortment, and campaign approach. Backed by data and analytics, always. We keep both long-term & short-term goals in mind; look after your long- term business aspirations as well as the day-to-day tactical initiatives.

eCommerce Supply Chain

Robust and reliable supply chain backbone in all 10 markets, with regulatory expertise

We offer end-to-end solutions to take care of your importation, regulatory, and local warehousing needs. We have in-market warehouses for each of our 10 Asia Pacific markets – each optimized for multi-channel B2C fulfilment. Our warehouse management systems are designed to allow for flexibility in operations. We specialise in omnichannel fulfilment – with a focus on ensuring on-time and accurate deliveries including peak event days. We also have a local team of importation and regulatory specialists, who understand the details of the complex requirements in each of our markets, in each native tongue.

Multi-Channel Inventory & Order Management

Integrated order & stock management, backed by state-of-the-art technology and systems

Our centralized stock & order management technology enables us to sell across various channels and formats in an integrated manner. Our order-processing system offers flexibility to allow complex executions including virtual or physical bundling, gifts with purchase, inserts, and sampling. You can rely on our systems, which have been robustly stress-tested to handle high-peak business days. This allows us to delight consumers with fulfilled orders while ensuring that we capture all possible sales from front to back.

Predictive Analytics & Demand Forecasting

Leveraging data and in-market consumer trends, we drive accurate demand-planning & forecasting

We believe that accuracy in demand planning & forecasting can be a key differentiator to business outcomes. With our forward-looking stock management algorithms, we ensure the right coverage to avoid out-of-stock situations, while minimizing slow-moving inventory. We adopt a nuanced approach to demand-forecasting based on the brand’s category & seasonal trends. We provide you with reports and metrics to track and monitor inventory performance.

Consumer Data Analytics & Business Insights

In data we trust – cutting-edge data analytics delivering timely reports with actionable insights

We provide you with customizable reports across marketing, commercial, operations as well as inventory management. With our analytics capabilities, you will get data-backed actionable insights about your customers that help to sharpen your business plans and strategy. Additionally, our data analytics tools empower you to optimize investments for enhanced performance marketing, commercial mechanics, and conversions.

Customer Service

Local & dedicated customer service teams, operating 7-days a week

Your local customers are served by our local teams. We believe in going deeply local so as to engender a holistic customer service experience that resonates in each and every market. To ensure top quality customer service, we work closely with our brand partners to customize trainings for the customer service executives. We also specialise in marketplace chat support management – achieving both high response rate and associated efficiency metrics.